Value City TV Stands With Glass

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Value City TV Stands With Glass Best Style

Build an elegant value city TV stands for your living room or modern leisure area using glass and acrylic. A thick glass sheet is suitable for the top of any TV stand and the acrylic is strong for vertical supports. Build your own use of glass television support for the upper surface and two lower shelves.

ideas for make value city TV stands with glass,  place a sheet of flat glass on the floor or a work table and position four three-inch acrylic bars or bars perpendicularly on top of the cup at each corner. Position the rods so that they are spaced two inches apart from the corners. Place a drop of adhesive about the size of a quarter on one end of each rod or bar and stick them on the glass in this position. Let the glue dries. These are the brackets to the bottom of the glass TV stand.

Turn the sheet of glass over what is resting on the three-inch brackets. Glue four 12-inch bars on top of the cup so that they are aligned with the lower supports. These 12-inch brackets will hold your second shelf. Place a drop of glue the size of a coin on each of the top ends of the 12-inch rods, and carefully set the other sheet of glass on top of them so the glass is aligned with the glass which is directly below him. Allow the glue to dry completely before continuing with the project.

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