TV Stands Wood Design Ideas

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Wooden Tv Stand Plan

TV stands wood – Using a sturdy art easel to display a flat screen TV can add a unique dimension to any room. These television stands can work especially well in small spaces or with creative vocation as bedrooms, art studios, art shops and studios. Purchase a robust base of art studio. Make sure the base is made of solid wood such as oak. Avoid pressed wooden easels, which may not be enough to support the weight of the television.

Assemble the wooden trestle according to the package instructions. To avoid a wobbly trestle and therefore, a precarious TV bracket make sure each bolt and bolt has been screwed firmly. If the easel has an adjustable support at the top to secure a canvas. Remove it after having mounted the television. If this feature is positioned correctly after installing the television. It fits comfortably on top of the television.

Assemble the wall mount kit according to package instructions. Most wall mounting kits come with all the necessary accessories. But if necessary, metric screws can be purchased at a local hardware store. Lay a sheet on a flat surface and place the flat television panel on top of it with the screen facing down. To avoid damaging the screen, do not exert direct pressure on the back of the television. Fit the wall mount the brackets on the back of the flat screen TV according to the indications.

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