Tidy Sauder Multi Media Storage Tower

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Cube Sauder Media Storage

You can use your TV for a lot – play, rent movies, surf the internet and much more. With sauder multimedia storage tower furniture you can also get control of the wires, satellite box, DVDs and remote controls. Then it is you who has taken over at home, and it becomes much easier to clean up and keep track of everyday life. The TV table and the media furniture ensure that you have room for everything, while you get a good cable management.

Then there are no wires or anything that blocks the signal from the remote. They are available in many versions, colors and models that you can choose from. A TV furniture keeps track of all your movies or games, while there is room for your TV box or console. Our TV tables have room for everything, cable management and display doors that do not block the remote control’s signals.

Then you can sit down and enjoy your TV – even when it’s not on. Who says technology and media solutions cannot be combined with a traditional style? Modern media storage is proof that it is possible. The parts of the series are made for modern storage needs, but designed with romantic and traditional details and shapes. So you can easily get it all.

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