Some Of The Things Tv Stands For Flat Screens You Should Know

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TV stands for flat screens – Often signs are put between flat screen TVs and wall mounting. And within the category of fittings there is a sea of ​​different models that offer varying functionality. In this guide we explain some of the things you should take into consideration when buying wall brackets . And provide a “down to earth” review of the actual hanging of the TV on the wall. One of the parameters that is typically very different from fittings to fittings the distance left between wall and TV after mounting.

Many new TVs have got a profile that is thinner than regular picture frames. So it may be a wish to have the TV mounted as close to the wall as possible. For the sake of the aesthetic expression. You often see these fittings marketed under the designation “slim”, where Samsung made popular with their “wire suspension”. It can be see in the our gallery below.

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The bracket is now available in a number of more or less identical versions from 3rd party manufacturers, where the price is somewhat lower than the original introductory price. The Wire bracket is, however, far from the only bracket that provides minimal distance to the wall. And more common-looking fittings can provide the same functionality and perhaps slightly more stability in the bias.

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