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Bookcase Entertainment Center

The entertainment centers & tv stands area is often neglected and let’s say it is not always a very aesthetic place to look! But since we spend a lot of time, why not make this space a little more beautiful and welcoming? How to improve it, make it more functional. More beautiful and more efficient, no matter the room where is this device?

To break the “black hole” effect of a huge TV on a pale wall. Prioritize the dark colors and materials behind the television itself. By reducing the contrast, it will appear less impressive when it is closed and will blend into the background. The TV can be integrated subtly through a collection of frames, so that it becomes an integral part of a gallery wall. It is even prettier when he sits discreetly on a pretty piece of furniture in vintage walnut!

For those who own multiple plants, this concept is for you! Place the plants on either side of the TV, one large on the floor and another lower directly on the furniture to give a perfectly balanced look. Demand is strong for this kind of project! Most people want to completely hide the TV in order to highlight more beautiful items, such as salvaged wood doors and a decorative bookcase.

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