Hanging TV Stands With Built In Fireplaces

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TV Stand And Fireplace Images

If done correctly, mounted a TV stands with built in fireplaces is a unique addition to your home. If done incorrectly, mounting a TV to a fireplace can become a danger that can ruin your TV.


Build a roaring fire in your fireplace. Get the fire as hot as you think you will ever use it in the future. Let the fire burn for one hour, then place a thermometer on the outside brick the fireplace to measure the temperature. If the temperature passes 90 degrees, your fireplace will become too hot to mount a TV over it without risking damage to your TV.  Hold the wall bracket up above the stove where you want to hang it.  Check the mounting holes on your TV wall bracket to see where they line up on the wall.

It is ideal to have the mounting holes centered on bricks that are the strongest part of the brick to support the weight of a TV. Make adjustments needed to center the mounting holes over the brick. Label the holes with a pen. Move the wall bracket from the wall and attach the masonry drill to your drilling machine. Drill out the pencil marks and blow out the debris. Insert wall anchors into the drilled holes. Hold the wall bracket to the wall and thread the mounting screws through the mounting holes in the wall bracket into the wall anchors. Tighten the screws to securely hold the wall bracket.

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