Find Now Some Ideas Of Mainstays Media Storage Tower

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TV Mainstays Media Storage Tower

Many models have emerged: from the classic mainstays media storage tower to the suspended version, through libraries with flat screen niche, the variations are numerous. Find now some ideas of TV media storage. A selection of wall compositions and clever furniture to be inspire and arrange, in the living room, a corner TV all modern and original.

In a large living room, it may be necessary to divide the space. If the architecture of the interior allows it, you can consider a shelf to separate a room. Structured as a corner bookcase, it is ideal for dividing without partitioning: located between the living room and the dining room, it will help to rationalize the available space while preserving the harmony of the day area. We love: the pivoting TV panel which, with side storage, will allow you to adjust your screen as needed.

Here is a TV cabinet integrated in a library to separate a room. Versatile and clever, this corner bookcase combines modern design and practicality. Perfect for dividing space in a large living room or separate two rooms without partitioning. It incorporates a suspended TV cabinet and closed storage modules. Due to its double-sided structure of the library module. The separation shelf will help to create an intimate and soothing relaxation area within the day area.

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