Cozy Atmosphere 55 Inch Tv Stands With Mount

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55 Inch Tv Stand Ikea

55 inch tv stands with mount – The TV hangs in most homes and unfortunately the wall behind is well lost, as all the attention goes to the big, dark brick. But in fact, you can easily make the television glare in – between a little pictures, shelves, books or boxes. It gives a completely different expression to the living room and suddenly the television no longer becomes the major hub.

There are two advantages to making the television part of the bookshelf. It creates both a cozy atmosphere in the living room with a lot of books, and maybe you want to read more than to zap around on the TV? Once the television still has to take wall space, you can just as well integrate it into a picture wall. In this way, the wall does not go “wasted” but instead it is decorated with your favorite images.

If you choose to use black frames around some of the images it will easily be a nice whole. Not all frames need to be black – only a couple helps to tie the TV with the other picture wall. It is now also possible to get a television that completely blends into the picture wall. Samsung has taken the step further and designed a television that turns into an image when the screen turns off.

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