Beautiful Inspiration Oak Fireplace Tv Stands

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Deco Fireplace Tv Stands

A fireplace or a stove are beautiful atmosphere makers, who often get a spot in the living room. And of course a TV also belongs in the sitting room of the living room. How do you ensure that both the TV and the fireplace can get a spot without becoming too restless and ugly? Today I want to inspire you with beautiful inspiration examples and some practical tips oak fireplace tv stands.

Every seating area and every living room are different. What is a good solution for one can not work for the other. Many people combine the TV and the fireplace on the same wall. In itself no problem, but also see if it is possible to place the TV on a wall other than the fireplace. In some situations that can create a lot of peace. Of course that is not possible in every living room for long. This is more difficult in small living rooms, for example.

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If you have a spacious living room with, for example, an open dining area or an open kitchen, you could create a partition wall where you can build the fireplace. The other wall, the wall opposite the bank, could then be used to hang the TV. This allows the TV to be easily combined with the fireplace.

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